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Gyfty— “Sending Happiness in a Busy World”

When Kyle came to us with his vision for Gyfty, his ideas were everywhere to put it bluntly. The business proposition was there: to personalize gift-giving in the form of personalized messages to gift card recipients. As designers, our mission is to deliver on that. But as a non-designer, Kyle’s ambitions to make sure the look and feel was perfect led to an avalanche of swooping last second changes.

One day the focus was on making the experience cinematic and Disney-esque on a black background with glowing butterflies, and on another day it was focused on being modern and chic with vector animations.

While he made valiant efforts to conduct competitive analysis, each glance into what others were doing meant suggesting features that exceeded scope. The pivots were occurring day-to-day before the ship could even set sail.

Brand Identity and a Landing Page Video

As time and budget were diminishing— and the project having returned to the wireframe phase — I came on board to set the branding direction back on course. Eventually “Vintage” was the theme that Kyle settled on to make the experience feel nostalgic, personal and unique.

From the beginning his idea of an MVP required a landing page video, borrowing cues from other sites (I’m looking at you, MailChimp). But how were we going to create his perfect vision of “an elegant and vintage ribbon flying through the wind” under such time constraints?

Well, having a background in motion design sure does help

I animated the video as specified by his vision while keeping in mind the overall experience should never be compromised: keep it short and to go CTAs right away without losing the elegant write-on effect and give the user the option to explore the rest of the site any time.

Colors, Typefaces and Flourishes

Thankfully Kyle agreed that having the colors be primarily purple and white was the best branding approach for identity and simplicity.

The typefaces were deliberately chosen to keep in that telegram-esque vibe but the missing piece to the puzzle which I suggested was the vignetting effect on all plain white backgrounds, giving each container an old-timey effect. Having the eye and confidence in my design suggestions paid off as Kyle gave us the go-ahead with our solution.

Mission Success

There’s a takeaway from working with most startups that designers eventually learn: it’s their vision and it’s a juggling act to see it through. There’s a fine line between ambition and loftiness but the differentiator is practicality. My suggestions were a mix of his exact wants and specifications while the rest stemmed from having the confidence to make recommendations based on understanding our client wants and the business needs.

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